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Port Canaveral Cruise Parking Guide 2019

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Port Canaveral Cruise Parking Guide 2019 – Port Canaveral sits on a spit of land around five miles from the terrain, space for parking areas is to some degree inadequate. There are still a few choices accessible as long as you wouldn’t fret a van ride. Most transports are brisk outings (under 10 minutes) and can drop you off comfortable terminal. Also, you can spare extensively over stopping comfortable port. Something else, official port stopping is accessible ideal by the journey terminals for a higher charge.

Port Canaveral Cruise Parking Guide 2018

Here’s a rundown of every one of your alternatives:

Rundown of stopping choices for Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral Official Parking: Parking at the port is the most helpful. Parking garages and carports are beside each voyage terminal, making for a short stroll to registration. The issue is that you pay a considerable measure for that accommodation — $17 every day. In the event that you need to stop at the port, essentially appear upon the arrival of cruising. Stopping is payable by means of Visa.

Given the nearness of the parcels to the journey terminal, we wouldn’t point the finger at anybody at paying the high costs. In any case, less expensive alternatives are accessible.


A parking structure at Port Canaveral.

Cost: $17 every day
Separation: At terminal
Site: https://www.portcanaveral.com/Cruise/Directions-Parking

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Stop Port Canaveral: Located around three miles (5-minute drive) from the journey terminals, Park Port Canaveral is one of your solitary choices for off-site voyage stopping. Rates are reasonable — whenever booked on the web and paid early, the day by day rate is $10.95 in addition to charge (rates are $1 progressively whenever paid at the part). The part offers a complimentary transport to and from the port.

Port Canaveral Cruise Parking Guide 2018

Cost: $10.95 every day (whenever booked ahead)

Separation: 3 miles (free transport gave)
Site: http://www.parkportcanaveral.com

Stop N-Cruise: Park-N-Cruise is additionally around three miles from Port Canaveral, yet due west. Rates are $10.95 every day and stopping is in a fenced, gated and bolted parcel. Note that the $10.95 rate is for reservations booked online early. RVs and other larger than usual vehicles are an additional free. Obviously, a van will transport you forward and backward from the port itself.

Cost: $10.95 every day (whenever booked ahead)

Separation: 3 miles (free transport gave)
Site: http://www.parkcruise.com

528 Port Cruise Parking: Despite 528 Port Cruise Parking’s site saying it has $5.95 every day stopping, a pursuit of different dates raised extensively higher rates. In any case, the most reduced stopping rate we found for a 7-day voyage was $68.60, or $9.80 every day. Indeed, even at that rate, travelers will pay about $7 every day not as much as stopping at the port. Note that rates are higher on an every day reason for shorter travels.

The parking area is situated on the territory, just before heading over the highway to Port Canaveral. A complimentary transport runs consistently to the port, or, in other words up to four travelers with your stopping charge.

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Cost: $9.80 every day

Separation: 10 miles (carry gave)
Site: http://www.528portparking.com

Cruisetime Parking and Shuttle: Cruisetime is found southwest of Port Canaveral, on Merritt Island. It’s just around 8.5 miles from the port and the ride to the terminal takes around 15 minutes. Stopping rates are straightforward — $7 every day for any voyage, with the exception of four-day stopping, when rates are $8.75 (still less expensive than the stopping at the port). Cruisetime additionally offers a complimentary transport to and from the port that is incorporated with your stopping.

Cost: $7.00 every day

Separation: 8.5 miles (carry gave)
Site: https://www.cruisetimeparking.com

Heaps of Honor: Lots of Honor is found just before you cross the water to the port. It’s just around 3.5 miles from the terminals. The parking area says it offers all day, every day security, and additionally a bus to the port. The rate is $7.95 every day for generally autos. Loads of Honor additionally says that a part of each dollar goes to building homes for incapacitated veterans.

Cost: $7.95

Separation: 3.5 miles (carry gave)
Site: http://www.lotsofhonor.com

Go Port Canaveral Package: The stopping bundle from Go Port Canaveral has an alternate turn — they charge just for the bus to and from the port. Rather than paying for stopping continuously, you’ll be charged $9.95 per individual, every route for the van. So a couple making a trip to the port and back to the parking area will pay $39.80 ($9.95 x two individuals, both ways). A group of four would pay $79.60 for the bus to and from the port.

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In the mean time, there is no charge for stopping. So you pay a similar rate whether you are away for a 3-night voyage or a 9-night journey. The part is little (just 150 spots), so make sure to save early. This is perfect for those travelers going as a couple on longer travels. That is the place you’ll locate the best esteem.

Cost: $9.95 carry every way, per individual. Stopping is complimentary.

Separation: 5.5 miles
Site: https://www.goportcanaveral.com/administrations/voyage parking.php

Singular Hotels: If you are remaining in the Port Canaveral region, here is a rundown of lodgings that will enable you to stop your auto for the length of your journey. Numerous inns take into account cruisers and have unique day by day rates and free transports.

More on Cruising From Port Canaveral

Getting the chance to Port Canaveral — Transportation choices from airplane terminals and the Port Canaveral territory to the voyage port. All that you have to know to get to the port and begin your get-away.

Port Canaveral Park and Cruise Hotels — If you intend to remain in the territory the night prior to your voyage, take a gander at this rundown of lodgings that offer journey stopping with a one-night remain.

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